Simple 4-Step Method To Help Your Mind Embrace Healthy Eating Habits

Yes, I know, the mental part is the toughest. I became a Nutrition Coach because of that so I could better help moms get permanent weight loss results.

Every mom knows pretty well what to do if she wants to lose weight. The really hard part is to actuaclly make yourself do it AND stick to it.

If you want to change your current eating habits for healthier ones you have to do it gradually. Start small and don´t get overwhelmed.

And if you relapse and fall into the trap of any old habit, don´t blame yourself or feel guilty. Just get it right on your next meal. You´ve got this!

To make is easier, follow this simple step-by-step guide:

1. You can start by writing a Food Journal. You must register EVERYTHING you eat and drink in this journal. Even when you only take a bite at your son´s sandwich, try the meals your are cooking or finish what your daughter left unfinished in her plate.

It is quite normal for us mothers to eat what is left on our kid´s plate. I used to do it all the time too until I started thinking: “Better in the trash than in my butt”. This small thought helped me stop eating every left-over I came across.

Writing everything down in a journal is a great way of being really conscious of what you eat and I promise you will be astonished on the amount of food (calories) you eat without even realizing.

Just doing this will allow you to eliminate some calories that you didn´t even know you were eating and it will make you really aware of what your eating problems are.

2. You wrote your journal and now you know what you need to change.

Make a comprehensive list of every habit you need to change and every food you need to eliminate from your diet. Consider what you drink too and remember to add more water to your day. You can read about it in my previous blogpost Is Drinking Water Really THAT Important?

3. Choose 1 small habit you want to change and don´t introduce any more changes until you get used to that one and it feels like the natural thing to do for you. If the habit you want to change is too big or hard, try to break it into smaller parts and choose only 1 of those at a time.

This process will be so much easier if you have an accountability partner, someone you can go to when you are about to fall into temptation. It can be your hubby, your kid, your friend or a Coach, like me. Whoever you feel more comfortable with.

4. Keep making small changes as you master the previous ones until you are done with your entire list.

If you have any questions, please don´t hesitate to ask. You can reach me at

Or book a Free 60-minute call with me and start losing weight now!

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